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Book Two in the exciting Derivatives of Displacement series

A Quill Ladder

A Quill Ladder, Book Two in my Derivatives of Displacement Series, is now available in ebook on:



Abbey Sinclair would just like to return to her physics textbooks, but the witches who just moved in across the street seem to be up to something, and one of them has offered to give her lessons in witchcraft. She also has to decide what to do with the instructions on how to save the world that seem to have come from her future self.

Meanwhile Mark is increasingly obsessed with a set of maps with strange markings that he received from Dr. Ford, Caleb is still angry that Abbey will not tell him what happened in his future, and Simon has been caught hacking into the City Hall computer system.

The adults of Coventry, or at least the ones with witchblood, seem once again quite willing to draw Abbey, Caleb, Simon, and Mark into their schemes, except this time the stakes are higher. Abbey and Mark race to unravel the secrets of the maps and the stones in advance of some of the less trustworthy adults, while trying to figure out who's on the good side... if there is a good side.