The 12 Blogs of Christmas: Blog Four

Today on the 12 blogs of Christmas, we have Virginia Gray, a bestselling women's fiction novelist, and a writer whose background is remarkably similar to my own. I will keep my commentary short because work and children got away on me last night (and I had best go chase them), and I love Virginia's post.

Like Virginia, I too prayed that Middle Earth and Narnia existed. I think I even believed right up until four years ago. But a few years deep in the writing world cured me of believing, which is really unfortunate, and I have had pretty decent luck on my publishing path. Not enough to quit the day job, but enough. I still feel the magic in writing of course, but the magic of life less so. So perhaps this is less a goal for the writing world at large, but rather for myself. In 2016, want to recover that magic. So quick, either someone write a Narnia series for our times, or a book on finding the magic. Or suggest one below :-).

Virginia Gray

Virginia Gray is a bestselling women’s fiction novelist. A former university professor, she stepped away from academics to pursue a writing career. She is a great lover of humor, music, and all things food, and is best known for The Susan Wade Saga.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

I wasn’t always so sure. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to believe—very badly, in fact. I also wanted to believe in the stories I read. I wanted to know for sure that there had been a Middle Earth, where hobbits and wizards and dragons ran amuck. I prayed that Narnia existed, and that I might be lucky enough to discover one of its secret passages—they’re everywhere, you know.  I truly hoped there were wrinkles in time, and that I might be called upon to save our very universe. I wanted to believe in magic!  Read more here.