The 12 Blogs of Christmas: Blog Ten

Only three more days left in the 12 blogs of Christmas. Today we have Jordan Buchanan with a story about one of her Christmas pasts. I'm almost out of things that I hope will change in the indie world in 2016, but fear not good readers, I still have a few more :-).

Since I still don't make a huge amount of money from writing (although it is improving), I still work a day job, but I only have to work part-time. I am a consultant so I try to take small contracts that are about ten to fifteen hours a week so that I still have time to write, because writing takes time. Yes I know there are all sorts of writers who produce bestsellers while working eight hour a week day jobs, but I find it much easier to produce quality work when I have a chance to really focus on my writing for a few hours a day. I find that even though I tell my employers that I am a writer and am looking for the exact number of hours that they posted, that as soon as I start, they suddenly want me to work more hours a week, and then more, and more (I would like to think this is a hazard of me being good at my job, but it might be more a hazard of them being desperate). Even though I remind them often that I'm a writer, and that while the work I'm doing for them is important to me, I really want to write too, they don't seem to get it.

So here is hoping that in 2016, employers or clients will begin to embrace the fact that yes, some people really do just want to work part time, and they can love their job and be serious (very serious... no doing sneaky stints at the writing desk for me) about it, but that they also have something else that they love and take seriously. It used to be like this when I wanted to work part time because my kids were young, the clients would always just look mystified when I would remind them that no I really do want to be home with the kids half the time.

No clients, I really do want to be spinning tales about time travel, cats, and alien robots. Why can't you understand that? Okay, on to the post of the day by Jordan Buchanan.

Jordan Buchanan

Jordan Buchanan was born and spent most of her life in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Now residing in northern Michigan, she misses the Shenandoah Valley but living in the home state of the mighty Detroit Red Wings helps ease the pain.

4Play, her debut publication, is a collection of erotic romance short stories. She is currently working on two novels -- For Love or Money and Xander's Garden.

When she’s not reading, writing, or watching hockey, she enjoys time spent with her charming husband and their three Lab mixes.



Blog excerpt

Happy holidays to all and a huge thank you to Martin Crosbie for inviting me to be part of the 12 Blogs of Christmas. It’s quite an honor for me, a fledgling author, to be included in such accomplished company, and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to share a tale of my Christmas past.

 At an office holiday party a few years ago, I decided to forego the ubiquitous Santa hat and donned a fur-trimmed tiara instead. One of my co-workers dubbed me the “Queen of Christmas”, but I’m merely a pretender to the throne, a princess at best. The title was always owned by my mother who reigned over our family Christmas party like a benevolent dictator. She did all the decorating, the cooking, the cleaning—everything necessary for us to eat, drink and be merry. She provided the playground; we came to play. Read more here.