Interviews and Podcasts

Feb 1, 2016: Featured on Hank Garner's Author Round Table with some other Alt. History 102 authors.

Nov 6, 2015: The Tails of the Apocalypse gang and I had great fun on Zombiepalooza Radio last night.

May 6, 2015: A Quill Ladder was featured on Skiffy and Fanty including an interview on my writing process

December 15, 2014: Lots of podcast fun these past few weeks on the Author Round Table and Adventures in SciFi Publishing.

March 12, 2015: It is not often that a project you are part of gets featured in The Guardian for real - Check it out!


Praise for The Poetry of Santiago:

"In "The Poetry of Santiago," Jennifer Ellis tells a story of an aging street cat who finds shelter with an aging widower who is the proprietor of an antique shop in Pompei, Italy. At first wary of one another, they develop mutual respect and eventually a friendship. Frankly, the plot is too touching to recount here. Just read the story. I do want to add that Ellis' writing is, in a word, beautiful. It reminds me of Paulo Coehlo's 1988 "The Alchemist" which also had a lovely, flowing style of prose. My favorite story of the collection." ~ Mike Martin

"The story of Santiago is pure poetry. It’s one of the best stories I’ve ever read anywhere, in any genre. From me, this is high praise, indeed." ~ Carol Kean, Amazon Vine Voice.

Praise for In the Shadows of the Mosquito Constellation

I started this book wondering about the title and what it means. I did get my answer and a lot more. Jennifer Ellis is truly a gifted writer. The story line takes you to a farm after the end of the world as we know it. There are wonderful characters you will grow to love and some to hate. The character development is superb. ~ Laura Fururta