In the Shadows of the Mosquito Constellation

"this book instantly had emotive writing" Laura of Lurking

"There is nothing like being completely surprised at enjoying a book so much – not because you expected to dislike it – but because it was simply unknown and full of possibility, and you know that finding gold is rare indeed." - Amazon 5-Star Review

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What matters most - love or power?

In a world torn apart by economic collapse, Natalie and her husband Richard have established an island of relative safety on a communal farm. But farm politics and the constant grind of survival expose the rifts in Natalie and Richard’s marriage. In a lawless land with no shortage of suffering, who determines what is right and just…when the stakes are survival?

Worn down by Richard’s burning ambitions, chronic insensitivity, and kill-or-be-killed attitude, Natalie seeks refuge in the company of Richard’s twin, Daniel, a solitary man with little interest in politics. Daniel can’t offer Natalie the same privilege and stature in the farm community as his brother, and leaving Richard could upset the delicate social balance on the farm—but Daniel may just give Natalie a chance at love.

Richard, intent on staging a triumphant return to provincial politics with his wife and children at his side, refuses to give up Natalie so easily; and Daniel, used to subsuming his own interests to those of his twin, must decide if he is willing to fight for the woman he wants.

When people dying from a potentially new and virulent form of influenza arrive seeking help, Natalie, Richard, and Daniel must each map the boundaries of their own loyalties and morality. In the Shadows of the Mosquito Constellation is a story of adventure, politics, and love in a brave new world where the rules have both changed, and stayed the same.