Tales of Tinfoil Anthology - Coming April 17, 2015

It is a dark and fictional reimagining of every conspiracy theory that ever lived. It is the JFK assassination, Area 51, the moon landing, the surveillance state. It is a French spy posing as Abraham Lincoln, it is a video game designed by the CIA, it is "Suicide Mickey." It is Adolf Hitler and it is Elvis Presley.

In this bizarre and wonderful short story collection, today's top fiction authors pull back the curtain on the biggest conspiracies of all time. Who really killed JFK? What happened in Roswell, New Mexico? Is Elvis still alive? With stories that run the gamut from touching to thrilling to utterly deranged, Tinfoil will take you on a tour of paranoia you won't soon forget.

Twelve short stories, twelve conspiracy theories, twelve twisted rabbit holes.

This amazing anthology includes contributions from writers such as Michael Bunker, Edward W. Robertson and Nick Cole.

My contribution is entitled "Manufacturing Elvis."

Manufacturing Elvis

When Anna Rooney accompanies her grandfather’s new girlfriend, Dolores, to Bermuda in search of Elvis, she doesn’t expect to find much. After all, Elvis is dead, Dolores is crazy, and Anna has her own challenges to deal with. But Elvis turns out to be a substantial ghost, and Anna discovers that perhaps fresh starts are possible, and that there might be as much to be gained from the chase as from crossing the finish line.