The Complicated Weight of Air

A train disaster. Missing gold. Multiple suspects.

The Complicated Weight of Air is a novel about an environmental disaster that becomes a mystery in a small industrial town.

It will be released in a series of serials.

Each chapter will be told from a different point of view, as each of the central characters offers their perspective on the event.

"Manifest" is the first short in the series and is currently available on Kobo, iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

The next installment in the series, "Bifurcate", is also available on Kobo, iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

The third installation is coming in February.


James Allenby is a runner and a budding documentary maker. He is also the son of one of the local smelter executives. He finds himself on the wrong side of the tracks when he decides to make a movie regarding Curtis, a local homeless man who likes to issue dire warnings regarding the trains that serve the smelter.


When Liz happens upon a train accident while staying with friends at a bed and breakfast, she does not expect to become a suspect in a crime. Martin has not heard from Liz in years, but when he receives a text the morning after a train disaster, he decides to fly across the country to see the woman that he loves. Brent is leaded again from working at the smelter. He needs to get out, but how far will he go.